Europe's Largest Solar Plant Powers Up in Saxony, Germany


Hansainvest Real Assets has recently flipped the switch on Europe's largest photovoltaic (PV) plant, a monumental 605 MW installation nestled in Witznitz, near Leipzig, Germany. This pioneering project, sprawling across 500 hectares, is now operational under a robust power purchase agreement (PPA) inked with Shell Energy Europe.

German investment heavyweight, Hansainvest Real Assets, proudly announces the inauguration of its groundbreaking 605 MW solar facility in Witznitz, marking a significant milestone in Europe's renewable energy landscape.

This colossal undertaking has swiftly claimed the title of Europe's largest operational PV project, dwarfing its predecessors. Previously, the crown belonged to the 500 MW Núñez de Balboa project in Spain's Extremadura region.

The masterminds behind this ambitious venture, Move On Energy, are set to amplify its capacity further with an additional 45 MW slated for completion by summer 2024. Remarkably, the Witznitz project materialized in under two years, with the groundbreaking ceremony held in June 2022.

Harnessing the power of sunlight, Move On Energy has meticulously adorned the former "Witznitz II" open-cast brown coal mine with over 1.1 million solar modules. This transformation extends beyond energy generation, as new cycling and riding paths have been carved out, while verdant hedges line the perimeters of the expansive power plant.

Looking ahead, Hansainvest Real Assets is embarking on innovative initiatives, exploring the prospect of "parallel agricultural use" beneath the solar modules. A designated test area spanning 5 to 10 hectares will serve as a proving ground for this pioneering endeavor.

In a strategic move towards sustainable energy procurement, the investment firm solidified a long-term PPA with Shell Energy Europe in 2023, ensuring a steady supply of solar power from the Witznitz facility for years to come.